Thursday, November 17, 2016


I am just settling in for the evening, trying to reply to e-mails and phone calls from the campaign trail.

Here is an excerpt of a typical e-mail from the disenfranchised whose access to a polling station was not considered by government or the board. The lady, a new Canadian citizen would like to vote on Tuesday but her local school has no polling station.

Dear Mr. Whittle

My wife and I would like to vote for you in the elections but we do not have a car. You have been front and center at our school as a volunteer and a community leader. My boys look forward to seeing you at the breakfast program because you make them laugh. Without your commitment our community school would have closed and a new school would never had been builted

Why can’t we vote at Virginia Park School? 

Wishing you success.


I have offered her a ride. How many people will not be voting because their local schools do not have a polling station.

Voter suppression?  

I have formally requested that polling stations be added for Virginia Park Elementary and Bishop Feild  but the organizers of the election have not responded to the request.

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